Health Issues Exposed - Look & Listen


We are really concerned about serious health issues in the community and you might want to hear about this by clicking on the links below. Our objective is to provide products to the community that have no harmful ingredients in them and to provide you with adequate and proper antioxidant protection (for prevention of disease).


Short Overview on Health Issues

We recommend that you first listen to the short health file, so that you can grasp more about what we can offer. The recording lasts about 7 minutes.


Click on the arrow below to play the recording.


A more detailed explanation about health issues is provided on the links below. These tracks detail what dangers you face everyday (they will surprise you!). This recording will also explain how you can prevent disease or perhaps reverse problems if you already have them. This recording is about 45 minutes duration.


Click on the arrows below to play the various recording tracks.


If you want more information on health matters, please contact us. There are many more CDs and literature for you to review.