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We point out that the emphasis of this business tends to be less on sales and more to do with marketing. The aim is to introduce people to the fantastic range of personal care, nutritional and vitamin products that we have available. The general theme is to provide products to the community that have no harmful ingredients in them.


Short Business Overview

We recommend that you first listen to this short business audio file, so that you can grasp more about what we can offer. This presentation is by Dr Dale Gerke and lasts about 13 minutes.


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There are several other audio files that might help you evaluate this business further. You can download some from the links below or you can request an audio CD to listen to (from the person who recommended that you review this website).

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Greg Chappell

This file features Greg Chappell (former Australian Test Cricket Captain and more recently coach of the Indian Cricket team). This recording is about 10 minutes duration.


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Dr Dale Gerke

Dale is a successful health professional and research scientist as well as a prominent business person. This particular recording explains the broader concept about this brilliant business and why you might consider it as your best opportunity to generate an extra cash flow. The recording tracks last about 30 minutes duration (total).


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This recording details why you might want to make more money. It might sound obvious ... but is it?

This recording is about 26 minutes total duration.


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If you would like to hear more information about this business concept then please let us know. We have more information on audio CD. The person who invited you to review this website can arrange to get them to you.