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Starter Pack


Starter Pack
Everything You Need

MRP: Rs.5,500.00

As a special "one off" offer, MiVeda will allow a new distributor to purchase a Starter Pack at a specially discounted price.


The MRP for this Pack would be Rs 5,500 and the Distributor Price would normally be Rs 4,215.


In an effort to make your initial purchase easier (in the first month only), MiVeda has conceded to allowing a new distributor in their first month of registration to order and purchase one of each of our products (except for the Protein Powder) and all for the incredible price of Rs 4,000. Not only does this make it very easy for you to place a first order, but it is also a fantastic bargain as well.


The Starter Pack is made up of the Nutritional Pack 4 and either the Personal Care Pack 1 (Normal Hair) or Personal Care Pack 2 (Oily hair). You can ask us to include the Personal Care Pack 2 if you wish but the automatic default will be the Personal Care Pack 1 (with Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal Hair). So if you want the Personal Care Pack 2, you will need to make a special request when you order.